Dordt Theological Seminary

NOTE: Lectures are in (BLACK) Redaings are in (GREEN)

Instruction on Lectures/Readings

  • With your curser click on the link you want to listen to read.
  • Listen to each lecture/ Read article or book
  • Complete an essay on each lecture or chapter (go to the “assignment instruction” page for completed instructions)

Please submit lecture and book essays in order and as you finish a lecture or chapter not all at once. Also you do not need to wait for a final grade to move on to the next lecture or chapter. Your advisor will contact you regarding your essay.(s) Once you have finished the course you will receive a final grade.

Note: Some of the resources we use will require you to create a user name and password to get full access. All resources used are from reputable secure institutions. If you have any questions please contact us.


Each course in the B.Th., M.Div. and D.Min will have assigned reading.

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