Dordt Theological Seminary

Master of Divinity Courses

All courses are 3 credits except were noted for a total of 96 credits

Old Testament Studies

Old Testament Survey I

Old Testament Survey II

Old Testament Survey III

Old Testament Survey IV

New Testament Studies

Introduction to the New Testament

New Testament Survey I

New Testament Survey II

New Testament Survey III

Life & Theology of Paul

New Testament Survey IV

Theological Studies

Christian Thought

Introduction to Reformed Theology

Pastoral Theology

Systematic Theology I

Systematic Theology II

Systematic Theology III

Systematic Theology IV

Covenant Theology

Biblical Theology



Practical Studies

Homiletics I

Homiletics II


Pastoral Counseling


Historical Studies

Church History I

Church History II


Language Studies

Biblical Hebrew

Biblical Greek


Thesis Studies

This is required for those not taking the Language Courses.

Master's Thesis

Contact your advisor for instruction before you begin.