Dordt Theological Seminary


What is Dordt Theological Seminary?

  • We are a Reformed Christ-centered online seminary.

Where is DTS located?

  • We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What does it mean that you are a “church-based” program?

  • Being church-based means that students accountability for theological and doctrinal fidelity come primarily from the church, and should gladly submit to its council of elders for governance. Students, should be folded into the life of the church, using their gifts to benefit the body, and benefiting from the gifts of others in the body.​

Does one need to be a member of a Reformed Church to study at the seminary?

  • No! However, you must be a member in good standing in a local church. The local church is crucial to seminary training.

Do students have to attend?

  • No! Students can complete there entire degree program online.​

Why church-based?
Seminary is a time when many students leave the church. We believe that the advantages of a church-based  program are many:

  • Daily reinforcement that serious biblical, theological, and world studies matter in real church life and ministry
  • The opportunity to develop a discipling relationship with an experienced mentor whom they can observe and assist on a regular basis
  • The opportunity to see how a distinctive theology and philosophy of ministry impact the day-to-day ministry of the local church
  • Regular opportunities to live out what they are learning in the context of their ministry focus in and beyond the church
  • The opportunity to learn and apply theology in the context of inner city life where there is cohesiveness in where the apprentice lives, studies, worships, and ministers
  • A World Christian mindset, which sees the local church as a seedbed for missions, permeating the entire program.

What is “mentored-ministry”?

  • Mentoring is primarily teaching by word and deed in the context of relationship and is essential for all our students especially our online students. Our desire and intent is to follow Jesus’ example of discipleship through doctrinal instruction, ministry modeling, and ministry partnership.​​

What is our Affirmation of Faith?

What degrees do you offer?

  • Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
  • ​Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

How many students are enrolled?

  • This varies from year to year.

Are you accredited?

Are you denominational?

  • No! We are a non-denominational Reformed seminary. 

Will I be able to find a job with a degree from a non-accredited and non-denominational seminary?

  • So far, our graduates have had high success rates in finding employment after graduation.​​

Do you admit international students?

  • Yes assuming the student can meet our entrance requirements and can read and understand English well enough to complete a bachelor, master's or Doctorate level degree program.

Will you accept transfer credits for their degree programs?

  • All transfer credits will be evaluated by the seminary prior to being accepted into the program. 

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