Dordt Theological Seminary

Instructions for the language courses

Note: You will need to be able to scan and upload your assignments to submit them. We do not accept assignments or other work via snail mail.

  • With your curser click on the Basics of Biblical Hebrew/Greek Pack. You will be brought to a website were you can purchase all the materials required for your course of study.
  • Once you have received your materials listen to each lecture and complete the corresponding workbook assignment for each lesson.
  • Once completed go to the "Lecture Essay Submission Form" page completed the form and upload your finished workbook assignment instead of an essay.
  • Please submit assignments in order and as you finish a lesson not all at once also you do not need to wait for a final grade to move on to the next lesson. Your advisor will contact you regarding your lesson grades. Once you have completed all the assignments in the workbook  you will receive a final grade.
  • Because these courses require handwritten work it must be clear, legible, and written in black or blue ink any work found unreadable will not be graded. 

Biblical Hebrew Courses

Required Materials


Biblical Greek Courses

Required Materials