Dordt Theological Seminary

Educational Priorities

1. Independent & self-paced online and distance education programs
2. Careful instruction in the Scriptures.
3. The study of reformed systems of theological thought including exposure to both past and present movements in history and Christian missions with a view to embracing a comprehensive, coherent theology built from Scripture.
4. A consistent focus upon involvement and accountability within the local church.
5. Ongoing efforts to challenge each student in developing a biblical philosophy/style of ministry.
6. The development and improvement of communication, relationship, leadership, and administrative skills for ministry.

The objective is to produce graduates who are recognized as men of God who are equipped to serve effectively as pastors and leaders in the church.

Training Distinctives
The Seminary community and curriculum are designed with the following goals and ideas in view:  
1. Excellence in academics is to be cultivated in an attitude of spiritual devotion.
2. The essential focus of all study at the seminary is to be biblical, exegitical, theological expositional and practical.
3. Emphasis is to be positive in building upon the certainties of God's inerrant Word.
4. Careful attention is to be devoted to the cultivation of Christian character qualities and living skills which are essential for godly living, for leadership in ministry, and for effective involvement in serving others.
5. Each program of study is to include a significant focus on the development of the appropriate ministry skills which are necessary for effcetiveness in pastoral service.