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What do you mean Dordt?

The Synod of Dordrecht (also known as the the Synod of Dordt) was an international Synod held in Dordrecht in 1618–1619, by Reformed Churches, to settle a divisive controversy initiated by the rise of Arminianism. The first meeting was on November 13, 1618, and the final meeting, the 154th, was on May 9, 1619.


What do we mean Reformed? 

The term 'Reformed' is a term that goes back almost five centuries to a period when the church underwent a Reformation, attempting to return Christianity to the authority of the Word. The desire of the people involved in the Reformation was not to change God's word but to bring the church back into line with it. Led by Martin Luther and John Calvin, the Reformation churches split off from the errors of the Roman church and began what we know today as the Protestant church.


What are Reformed Churches?

A Reformed church is one that holds the Bible, the Word of God, in high esteem, one that pursues the worship of the Triune God in spirit and truth (God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship [Him] in spirit and in truth.), one that seeks to live all areas of life for the glory of God, and one that relies upon God for her very existence. A Reformed church believes, steadfastly, in God's righteous and directing providence and strives to apply this in worship, study, devotion and life. A Reformed church recognizes the universal Church as established by Christ. This recognition extends across denominational and cultural boundaries to those who also share in the Reformed faith of Christianity. The a Reformed church truly appreciates those doctrines that emphasize the grace and rule of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Why is the Reformed faith important?

The Reformers five centuries ago sought to humble man and exalt God. This objective has been carried on from the beginning of time until now by those who desire to know the Lord of hosts. Reformed churches believe (Proverbs 9:10- The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy [is] understanding.). They want to teach and share the word of God in and out of season so that Christ's church may benefit from sound doctrine that exhorts a believer to a deeper appreciation of the God he serves.